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Band: Orgasma Plasma

Released March 5, 2020

After 6 years of band history Orgasma Plasma finally did it. In March 2020 we released their first Full-length album Chimbatraficante. Mix of fast blast beats, fast and short riffs and high screams.

Orgasma Plasma are a two man noisegrind band.

Vocalist and bassist Joe Cocker is a sociopath with Colombian roots and guitarist / drummer Dick Tracy is a paranoid schizophrenic Russian. This very special mix of cultures is extremely brutal and like a kick in the face. On this brilliant Noisegrind debut album everything that has to do with harmonies and melodies is destroyed. One of the best Noisegrind albums ever!

43 tracks of pure old-school grindcore and noisegrind! Almost 11 minutes of total playtime.

You can check out a few songs for free.


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