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Porngrind Label
Porngrind Label
Porngrind Label

About Us

On March 09, 2019, we launched our label Global Spermageddon Productions. We started with three great re releases and were banned from Bandcamp by the theme Porngrind 2020. Officially it became quiet around us after the ban, because we were also worried about being banned on Facebook and Instagram. As a small grindcore label, we missed the social media and platforms like Bandcamp during the growth phase.

Nevertheless, we didn’t give up and repositioned ourselves. We continue to fight as a small underground grindcore label and want to be free from the mercy of others. Our passion is Porngrind, Cybergrind, Noisegrind and also Goregrind. Especially with Porngrind you have it very hard and have to expect repressions everywhere. In our productions you can find many exotic releases. Underground bands from all over the world. Since we release our productions with a lot of attention to detail and always in limited high quality editions, we don’t have the money to sign every band. Our products are something for collectors and fans of macabre art.

In our store you can only find preview of our releases in digital format. You can get the physical CD’s through our Bandcamp page or via mail.


JULY 2024

Experience 6 minutes full of porn gorenoise with “First Cumshot” by Pusy Pimple Project.

Watch the video here

JUNE 2024

Formidable Fetish F*ck BBQ” by The True Darah Perawan is the true porngrind experience. The 8 tracks blends filthy grooves with raw grindcore intensity, delivering a vulgar assault that’s as filthy as it is catchy.

Purchase the CD here

Watch the video here

JUNE 2024

Horse Sperm / Decomposed Cadaver / Sebopsoroasis “Westside Bloodbath Split ’24” – 15 tracks of pure brazilian westside noise/goregrind.
Expect raw aggression and triple brutality that captivates you till the end.

Purchase the CD here

Watch the video here

MAI 2024

Known for their uncompromising exploration of provocative themes, Sausage Wallet  combines groove, melodies, intense blastbeats with lyrics that delve into the dark sides of sexuality and will take you on a journey full of human desires and taboos, showing primal aspects of human nature.

Explicit lyrics combined with unique songwriting and the extensive use of samples, adding a provocative and cinematic layer to their extreme sound.

Listen to “Sliced From Foreskin To Perineum” here

Listen to “Bad Habit” here

MAI 2024

“I was looking for something more rotten and inaudible to release and work on the sounds without having to limit myself to something, that’s when I came up with the idea of Sebopsoriasis” ~ Sebopsoriasis

Sebopsoriasis on Instagram

Watch the video here

MAI 2024

Introducing Curdled Crowning and their latest musical assault, “After The Afterbirth“! Clocking in at a relentless 11 minutes, this gorenoise album spares no eardrum in their pursuit of acoustic extremity.

Much like the genre titans “Last Days of Humanity”, Curdled Crowning revels in pushing the boundaries of extremity.

After The Afterbirth” is a continuous fire of brutality, the album grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go.

If you’re a fan of extreme music that pushes the boundaries of brutality, then Curdled Crowning‘s first full length demands your attention. Strap in, brace yourself, and prepare to be pulverized.

Purchase the tape or CD here

APRIL 2024

11 Songs To Fuck To” is a provocative and audacious offering from TESTICULAR CANCER, a swedish porno gore grind band, perfectly blending the relentless aggression of goregrind with irresistibly groovy rhythms and explicit lyrical themes centered around sex. This album is not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare to venture into the darker and more taboo corners of extreme music.

It features groovy-paced drumming, grinding guitar riffs, and guttural vocals, but with a focus on catchy, headbanging-inviting rhythms for almost 30 minutes straight.

This album certainly stands as a strong and compelling example of its conventions done right. The album’s non-stop grooves, infectious brutality, and cohesive thematic focus make it a must-listen for fans of porngrind looking for their next addition to their collection.

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Watch the video here

APRIL 2024

In this cybergrind opus, by ENEMA JIZZ, the listeners are thrust into a whirlwind of frenetic drum patterns, glitchy distorted guitars and bubbling vocals.

My First Enema” is an intense cybergrind releasee that delves into the discomforting and taboo subject of enemas. Each track offers a condensed musical representation of different aspects of the enema experience, from the initial discomfort to the sensation of cleansing and purification.

While “My First Enema” would be a highly experimental and niche release due to its thematic focus, it would undoubtedly offer listeners a unique and challenging glimpse into the uncharted territories of cybergrind music.

Purchase the tape here

Watch the video here

MARCH 2024

FECAL ABORTED unleashes a relentless assault of fast-paced, grinding riffs, characterized by blast beats and frenetic drum patterns. The guttural vocals spew forth lyrics of gore, decay, and depravity, adding to the raw intensity of the music.

Coproseres Mutantes” is a tour de force of deathgrind mayhem that leaves no room for subtlety or compromise. The raw energy creates an album that is both ferocious and uncompromising.

Coproseres Mutantes” pushes the boundaries of heaviness and aggression, appealing to fans of extreme metal looking for an unrelenting musical assault.

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Watch the video here


DESCAB‘s “Drain Their Blood” is a relentless onslaught of raw old school grind, where primal aggression meets guttural vocals and crushing instrumentation.

From the opening track “That’s a Deadly Smell” listeners are thrust headlong into a cacophony of chaos and devastation. The guitars churn out riffs dripping with filth and decay, reminiscent of the early days of extreme metal, while the drums unleash a relentless barrage of blast beats and thunderous groove.

You can expect raw, unbridled aggression, with frenzied tempo changes and relentless brutality that leaves no room for mercy.

This release is a testament to the raw power of old school deathgrind, delivering a listening experience that will leave fans of the genre reeling.

Purchase the CD here


Introducing ANAL FISTFUCKERS with “20 Years Scat And Glory”, a relentless force within the scatgrind realm! Emerging from the depths of the underground music scene, this trio has just unleashed their inaugural sonic massacre in the form of a blistering music DVD. “20 Years Scat And Glory” embodies a fusion of scatgrind and ferocious tupa tupa grind, delivering an auditory assault that’s as groovy as it is unrelenting.

Their DVD showcases not only their pulverizing live sets but also an unhinged glimpse into the band’s offstage madness and outrageous stunts akin to the infamous “Jackass” series and an unique brand of dark humor that sets the stage for a rollercoaster ride through the grotesque and the absurd, offering a sensory overload for fans of p*rn and goregrind.

Thanks to Muddy Swamp Records for this co-release

Purchase the DVD here


Death ‘N’ Disco Massacre Vol. 1” is an explosive compilation album that brings together four groundbreaking bands in the niche genre of cybergrind. This unique and enthralling musical experience takes you on a wild sonic journey through the realms of futuristic soundscapes, pulverizing beats, industrial elements and distorted vocals.

The intense and frenzied tracks transport you into a dystopian landscape where man and machine collide in a frenetic dance of sound. The merciless tracks unleash a relentless assault on the senses, capturing the chaotic nature of the cyberpunk world in which this music thrives.

Fans of the cybergrind genre will undoubtedly find solace in this intense and mind-bending album, while those seeking a sonic adventure like no other will find themselves captivated by the raw energy and futuristic allure of these four bands.

Purchase the CD here


HUMANITY’S FAULT has just unleashed their inaugural onslaught in the form of a brutal promo CD. This duo is a twisted fusion of visceral gore and ferocious goregrind, delivering an auditory assault that leaves no room for the faint-hearted.

With their razor-sharp bulldozing guitar riffs, pummeling drums and guttural vocals, HUMANITY’S FAULT is a band that takes no prisoners. Their debut promo CD is a glimpse into the deranged minds of these musical sadists, promising to quench the thirst of even the most insatiable goregrind enthusiasts.

Prepare to be immersed in a whirlwind of blood, guts, and relentless brutality as HUMANITY’S FAULT carve their name into the annals of extreme music. Stay tuned for more carnage as this gruesome duo carves their path through the goregrind underworld!

By purchasing their music, you not only embrace the relentless sonic onslaught but also contribute to the well-being of innocent animals in need. 50% of every purchase goes to local animal shelters.

Purchase the CD

HUMANITY’S FAULT on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram


We would like to introduce the perfect split for every BBW lover Filthy Fat Fantasy (also available on CDr).

When mexican cybergrinders and american goregrinders meet together.

6 tracks from CLITSTOMP and POSTMORTEM DEFECATION. Enjoy the filth!

JULY 2023

We’d like to present you SAUSAGE WALLET with the new song Keep On Fisting In The Free World. Support the band by showing your love on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

Expect more to cum.

APRIL 2023

Taboo porngrinders from VAGINAL CADAVER and swampgrinders from CROCODILE came together to make a new split.

It is out now through MUDDY SWAMP RECORDS and GLOBAL SPERMAGEDDON PRODUCTIONS as a limited edition on CD and tape.

You can get it by reaching out to MSR Facebook page or through VAGINAL CADAVER Bandcamp page.

JULY 2023

Brand new album of the taboo porngrind band VAGINAL CADAVER. 18 tracks, 2 feature guests (ANAL FISTFUCKERS & PORNO FART), 100% Porngrind. Limited to 50 CDs in a cardboard sleeve in vinyl look and to 25 tapes.


We have finally launched our new online store. We will do 3 more releases in the next 8 month, should everything work out as we envision. Planned are a compilation of all VAGNAL CADAVER split songs, the second ORGASMA PLASMA album and the new ANAL FISTFUCKERS Scatbomb! All three will be packaged in a cardboard sleeve and the CDs will be released in a noble vinyl look. As always, the editions will be strictly limited. Check the news often so you know where to order the beloved “GSP Mini Vinyls”.

The downloads are not working at the moment. We are working on it. This feature will be available soon.

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